The next webinar in the Great Lakes Hydrilla Collaborative’s technical webinar series will be held on Tuesday, June 11th at 2:00 pm EDT.  Kris Erickson, Principal Scientist and Project Manager with Ecology and Environment, Inc.; Kristen Hebebrand, Project Manager with Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc.; and Matt Barnes, Assistant Professor with Texas Tech University’s Department of Natural Resources Management, will be presenting on the Great Lakes Hydrilla Risk Assessment.  Kris will provide the framework and an overview of the risk assessment, including the environmental, economic, and social/cultural impacts; characterization of risk (i.e., where are the most vulnerable areas); and risk management recommendations and BMPs.  Matt will discuss how species distribution modeling was used to support determinations of suitable habitat where hydrilla may successfully establish, if introduced. Kristen will summarize the dispersal modeling that was used to understand the pathways by which the species could potentially spread, focusing on the development of models of recreational boater movement to predict which watersheds are most at risk to new introductions.  We will have an approximately 40-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute question and answer session.

Please send an email to to register for the webinar. A webinar link and conference call number will be provided several days prior to the event.

If you cannot attend, a recording of the webinar will be made available on