2017-2018 Northern Lakes Manager Sponsors-

For their generous donations to the continue communication to society members using the Northern Lakes Manager and MAPMS.org. The board of directors and the membership wish to thank the following:


Jeff Suttner, Airmax Ecosystems

Eric Barkemeyer, Alligare

Bob Langjahr, Aquatic Biologists

David Issacs, Aquatic Control

Neil Gerber, Aquatic Management, Inc.

Charlie Bareboo, Bareboo Otterbine

Steve Brewer, Brewer International

T.J. Griffith, Cravens Warren & Company

Paul Mason, Crop Production Services

Joe Bondra, Cygnet Enterprises

Bob Robinson, Kasco Marine

Rick Purcell, KeyColour

John Redd, Outdoor Water Solutions

Jason Broekstra, PLM Lake & Land Management

Eric Schutman, Syngenta