2018 MAPMS conference At-A-Glance


2018 MAPMS conference At-A-Glance


Registration and Setup: 1-5PM

Presidents reception: House of Blues 6:30-10PM


Sessions: 8AM-4:40PM

  • A (HAB 1): 8-9:20AM
  • B (HAB 2): 10-11:20AM
  • C (Invasive Awareness and Management): 1-3PM
  • D (General Management Practices): 3-4:40PM


Sessions: 8AM-4:10PM

  • E (Invasive Milfoil): 8-9:30AM
  • F (Starry Stonewort): 10-11:20AM
  • G (Hydrilla, Curly leaf Pondweed and Water Clarity management): 1-2:40PM
  • H (Membership meeting): 3:10-4:10PM

Banquet: 7-10PM