Robert L. Johnson Memorial Research Grant


Robert L. Johnson Memorial Research Grant


The Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society (MAPMS) is currently accepting applications for the Robert L. Johnson Memorial graduate student research grant. Each year MAPMS will consider applications for a graduate student grant of up to $10,000.  Funds are collected through donations, sponsorships and various activities at the annual conference.

The research grants will be competitively awarded to qualified graduate students pursuing a degree in aquatic plant management or related field at any accredited university or college, or independent research which contributes to the mission of the Society. MAPMS will consider all applications pertaining to research dealing with aquatic plant management, including ecology or biology of aquatic plants, and chemical, mechanical, or biological control of aquatic weeds. Winners will be announced at the annual conference each year, and all recipients are required to present their research findings at the annual conference the following year.

General Instruction Guidelines for Applicants

1. The main body of the proposal should not exceed five (5) pages and should include the following sections
a. Purpose and Justification for the Project
b. Objectives (and/or questions and Hypotheses)
c. Methods or Approach
d. Timeline
e. Budget
f. Plans for Publication of Results
2. Applicant should include resumés of the faculty applicant and graduate student (if known) and should not exceed two
(2) pages each.
3. The Principal Investigator may include copies of up to five (5) of their most recent peer reviewed publications if they wish, but are not required. The grant proposal will be judged based on the following criteria:
a. Quality and feasibility of the scientific approach
b. Applicability to management of aquatic plants and algae in the           Midwest Region
c. Likelihood of publication
d. Potential of applicants to continue in aquatic plant management activities or involvement in the future of the Society.

For more information, please contact:
Pete Filpansick
Student Affairs Committee Chair

Recent Winners (Previous 5 years)


  • $10,000 Zhaozhe Chen, The Ohio State University


  • $6,000  Sydney Van Frost, University of Wisconsin (pictured)
  • $4,000  Lacey Rzodkiewicz, University of Pittsburgh


  • $7,500, Hannah Hoff, Montana State University
  • $2,500, Natalie Moses, Minnesota State University-Mankato


  • $7,500, Jeff Pashnick, Montana State University
  • $2,500, Jens Beets, North Carolina State University


  • $7,500, Greg Chorak, Montana State University
  • $2,500, Dalton Sink, MS Student at University of Michigan-Flint


  • Ryan Van Goethem, MS Student at Michigan Technological University