During the 2016 annual conference in Grand Rapids, MI  we held our annual Aquatic Plant Science Poster Contest.  MAPMS would like to thank each Poster Presenter for their time and preparation in display and discussion of their research at our meeting in 2016; we congratulate the winners of the contest:


Awards for Posters Presented 2016
1st Place ($300 prize)- Tyler Geer, Clemson University : Sediment Copper Concentrations, in situ Benthic Abundance, and Sediment Toxicity: Comparison of Coves Treated with Copper-Based Algaecides and Untreated Coves in a Southern Reservoir.

2nd Place ($200 prize)- Carmen Leguizamon, Michigan Tech University : A laboratory study of the proposed biocontrol fungus Mycoleptodiscus terrestris on hybrid Eurasian watermilfoil and native macrophytes.

3rd Place ($100 prize)- Ryan Van Goethem, Michigan Tech University : Effects of Stamp Sands Deposits on Aquatic Macrophyte Communities in the Portage Waterway, MI

We look forward to this contest expanding to contribute to our meeting in 2017.  Please  help spread the word that presentation of Aquatic Plant Science will also be available via poster next year in addition to opportunities to present.

Deadline for poster submission is January 15th, 2017.

2017 Poster Contest Submission Form

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Ryan Thum
Student Affairs Committee Chair