bob johnson(Robert L. Johnson)

The Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society (MAPMS) is currently accepting applications for the Robert L. Johnson Memorial graduate student research grant. Each year MAPMS will consider applications for a graduate student grant of up to $10,000.  Funds are collected through donations, sponsorships and various activities at the annual conference.

The research grants will be competitively awarded to qualified graduate students pursuing a degree in aquatic plant management or related field at any accredited university or college, or independent research which contributes to the mission of the Society. MAPMS will consider all applications pertaining to research dealing with aquatic plant management, including ecology or biology of aquatic plants, and chemical, mechanical, or biological control of aquatic weeds. Winners will be announced at the annual conference each year, and all recipients are required to present their research findings at the annual conference the following year.

Recent recipients have attended Montana State University, University of Michigan-flint, Clemson University, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State and Grand Valley State University. If you know of a graduate student with relevant study focus, please copy the application forms and encourage them to apply.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Ryan Thum
Student Affairs Committee Chair

REGISTER HERE FOR THE 2019 RESEARCH GRANT! (Deadline Feb. 15, 2019.)

Recent Winners:


2018- $7,500, Greg Chorak, Montana State University (not pictured)

            $2,500, Dalton Sink, MS Student at University of Michigan-Flint (Pictured below). “Effects of Nitrifying Bacteria in Limiting Cyanobacteria Growth.”


2017- Ryan Van Goethem, MS Student at Michigan Technological University,

Department of Biological Sciences. “Seasonal Dynamics of Littoral Primary Production and Effects of Invasive Macrophytes in North-Temperate Lakes”

2016- A tie for 1st Place :

            $3750- Ciera Kinley. Clemson University.

            $3750-Jeff Pashnick. Montana State University.

2015- $5,000 Research Grant : Kyla Iwinski, Clemson University
$2,500 Research Grant: Alyssa Calomeni, Clemson University

2014– Developing Management Recommendations for Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata L.f Royle) in the Ross Barnett Reservoir: A Community Approach, Bradley T. Sartain

2013–  Factors Influencing Native Aquatic Plant Re-vegetation Success for Enhanced Sport Fish Habitat, Justin J. Nawrocki, North Carolina State University